FirmPlay Careers Page Teardowns: Rapid7

Careers Page Teardowns: Rapid7 [Case Study]

Welcome to FirmPlay’s very first “Careers Page Teardowns” post, a new series on the FirmPlay Employer Branding Blog where we examine the careers page of one company in (excruciating) detail. Our aim is simple – run through a careers page through the eyes of a candidate to see what works and what doesn’t. Hopefully those lessons are helpful for you as you think about your own careers page, which, frankly, is the nerve center of your recruiting efforts. For most candidates, all roads eventually lead to your careers page.

So, for our very first Teardown we looked at Rapid7, a high-growth information security company based in Boston.


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Vasilios Alexiou

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Vasilios is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast interested in the intersection of employee advocacy, social media, and employer branding. He works with forward-thinking companies to turn their employees into passionate advocates for recruiting.