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Introducing EBHacks: Bite-Size Tips & Tricks for Building Your Employer Brand

Employer branding is a long-term investment. Why? Because great employer branding is storytelling, and storytelling comes down to content. Content that’s engaging and transparent, created organically by your employees. And that takes time and effort. It’s a journey.

To help you along on that journey, we like to tackle some of the meatier questions around employer branding on The Employer Branding Blog (like super detailed breakdowns of real-life careers pages, or how you can examine your own employer brand to see where you stand). But there are also some smaller tips and tricks that we want you to have, too. Little “hacks” that you can use along your employer branding journey to save you time, money, heartache…or all three. So to share those hacks, we’re launching a new blog post series (ingeniously) titled: EBHacks.

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