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Secret to Employer Branding that Attracts Top Talent

The Secret to Employer Branding That Attracts Top Talent (& 4 Templates to Get You Started)

It’s easy to think about employer branding and wonder, “Yeah, we could really work on our employer brand – can’t tell you how much time we spend simply¬†explaining to candidates what we do and who we are. But I’m not sure where to begin.” I hear some form of this thought on an almost daily basis, and honestly, I completely understand. Talent acquisition teams are dealing with a lot of reqs and not nearly enough help to handle them all, especially in high-growth industries like tech. So getting started with actively managing your employer brand (because believe me, you have one whether you like it or not) can seem daunting.

Fortunately, getting started isn’t complicated or time-consuming at all.

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