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EBHacks by FirmPlay

Introducing EBHacks: Bite-Size Tips & Tricks for Building Your Employer Brand

Employer branding is a long-term investment. Why? Because great employer branding is storytelling, and storytelling comes down to content. Content that’s engaging and transparent, created organically by your employees. And that takes time and effort. It’s a journey.

To help you along on that journey, we like to tackle some of the meatier questions around employer branding on The Employer Branding Blog (like super detailed breakdowns of real-life careers pages, or how you can examine your own employer brand to see where you stand). But there are also some smaller tips and tricks that we want you to have, too. Little “hacks” that you can use along your employer branding journey to save you time, money, heartache…or all three. So to share those hacks, we’re launching a new blog post series (ingeniously) titled: EBHacks.

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Look in the Mirror - Here's How to Audit Your Employer Brand

Look in the Mirror: Here’s How to Audit Your Employer Brand

Early in 2016, FirmPlay launched a free service that provides you with a score and detailed breakdown of your employer brand. Ingeniously, we named it Employer Brand Score Report (who’s the marketing wizard at FirmPlay?!). The response has been amazing. Since launch, we’ve seen a steady stream of companies sign up to get their free Score Report. They love the detailed breakdown of their employer brand, and find the actionable advice we provide critical in figuring out how to improve.

In the spirit of helping as many recruiters and companies as possible, we asked ourselves, “Why not share with everyone what we analyze in the Employer Brand Score Report?” We looked at each other and nodded: Why, yes…that’s a good idea. So that’s exactly what we’re doing in this post.

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Secret to Employer Branding that Attracts Top Talent

The Secret to Employer Branding That Attracts Top Talent (& 4 Templates to Get You Started)

It’s easy to think about employer branding and wonder, “Yeah, we could really work on our employer brand – can’t tell you how much time we spend simply explaining to candidates what we do and who we are. But I’m not sure where to begin.” I hear some form of this thought on an almost daily basis, and honestly, I completely understand. Talent acquisition teams are dealing with a lot of reqs and not nearly enough help to handle them all, especially in high-growth industries like tech. So getting started with actively managing your employer brand (because believe me, you have one whether you like it or not) can seem daunting.

Fortunately, getting started isn’t complicated or time-consuming at all.

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Best Places to Work Awards

7 “Best Places to Work” Awards Every Employer Should Consider

At first, the stories trickled in. Frankly, they were hard to believe – like a recruiting urban legend. You know, [Company ABC] fills a big chunk of their talent pipeline just from the Best Places to Work Award they won last year. I was intrigued, but far from convinced.

But then I dug in deeper. I went straight to the sources themselves: talent acquisition pros. And what I discovered was, along with a strong referral program, one of the closest things to a “silver bullet” in recruiting that I could find. Which meant something, given that almost every conversation about recruiting inevitably leads to “there’s no silver bullet when it comes to recruiting.”

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